2 thoughts on “A must read for all church members

  1. It wasn’t until our choir director was arrested for abusing a child that we learned there were victims and families of victims in our congregation. One elderly woman hadn’t told anyone of her assault, which occurred when she was 13, until this man was arrested. We did our best to to support his family and the families who were victims but it is a terrible balance to make and I am not sure we were all that successful. Sexual assault is taboo in our culture and the it is the victims who suffer the shame. We who claim a belief in the forgiveness of all sins need to address the healing that must take place by victims before we can release forgiveness, not forgetting or establishing responsibility, but a forgiveness that releases shame and anger. I must admit I don’t know how we are to do that. If anyone as a suggestion, I’m listening. Ruth


  2. Reblogged this on A Quiet Walk and commented:
    This weeks Prayerful Tuesday is on forgiveness and a forgiveness that heals and releases shame and anger. This article is an important one and I would like to offer it as a prayer to be meditated over. My Challenge to each of you is: How do we serve both the victims and their families and the offenders?

    May each of you prayerfully consider this questions.

    Ruth Jewell


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