The problem with “purity culture” is not purity

She was raised in an ultra-conservative Christian homeschooling family, with loving but legalistic parents. Or maybe they were more protective than legalistic; as an adult, she is still trying to puzzle that out. There is no doubt in her mind … Continue reading

False narratives

For years, I believed that certain things I had done left me somewhat tainted. Yes, God forgave me, but… Because of that, I surrounded myself with people and with churches and with teachers who agreed with me, who reinforced my narrative about a God who forgives but somehow isn’t quite able to wash every last stain of my sins away. I even allowed someone close to me to repeatedly remind me that I was not “pure”. Continue reading

For husbands of survivors| Trauma Tuesday

This short video is an excellent resource for Christian husbands of survivors, although I would urge caution about one of the recommendations made by the speaker. My reaction to this video was almost entirely positive. I especially liked what the … Continue reading

Preaching to the choir

Blog posts tagged with “Preaching to the choir” will probably be most meaningful (and possibly less offensive) to those who consider themselves followers of Jesus, tend towards a more conservative interpretation of the Bible, and are in agreement with the … Continue reading