Who I am

Perhaps, in a flash of inspiration, a clever and witty — yet brief and informative — biographical paragraph will appear here. So far, my mind is blank, so this will have to do…

My name is Rebecca Caraway Prewett. Several times in the past, after introducing myself online, I received quick email queries: “Are you that Rebecca Prewett?” Should you be wondering the same thing, my answer is…maybe. But that’s being obnoxiously coy of me, so let me hasten to admit that each time the question has been posed thus far, the answer has turned out to be “yes”.

A few random factoids:

  • I have more than the socially acceptable number of children, all of whom are now adults
  • I’m older than I used to be
  • This isn’t my first blog
  • I’ve changed my mind about a lot of things
  • I believe in beginning anew, starting over, second – and maybe even 102nd — chances, and new blogs.
  • I used to teach martial arts.
  • Some of my wandering involves hiking and taking pictures, including goofy ones of myself.
  • I consider myself a Jesus-follower. Unfortunately, sometimes — hence the title of my blog — I’m prone to wander. Other times, Jesus has to carry me…or maybe even drag me. But my deepest desire is to stop wandering away and, instead, follow Him more and more closely.
  • Oh, and this is something you should probably know

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