Slammed against the Rock

This morning, I was reading a blog post that hit me in a deep, profound way. It contained a Charles Spurgeon quote, an upsetting quote, really, and I’m not sure what to make of it.

So off I went to find the context of the quote. Instead, I found it worded slightly differently here and there, but couldn’t find out when or where Spurgeon stated this.

Did Spurgeon really say this?

Did Spurgeon really say this?

Of course, whether or not Spurgeon said this isn’t the real point. The thing is that there have been waves in my life that I have HATED and that I’m hardly ready to kiss or embrace. Some have felt like destructive tsunamis.


But they have slammed me into the Rock of Ages, into the God Who is always there…and He has proven to be as gentle as He is strong, eternal, and unchanging. He has always rescued me from drowning, snatched me out of the raging sea, dried me off, and cleaned me up.


Maybe whether or not I ever learn to kiss the waves that throw me against the Rock of Ages is not the point either. Maybe my focus needs to be less on the waves, and more on the Rock.


An addendum:

I don’t think God sends tsunamis into our lives. I also don’t think He sends evil our way in order that we would be tossed or slammed or thrown to Him. But I do think He redeems the waves by rescuing us. God triumphs over evil.

Bottom line: I will never “kiss” the abuse perpetrated against me by evil doers. I will never view my rape in that sort of positive light. But I will embrace the God who brought me through that terrible darkness.

2 thoughts on “Slammed against the Rock

  1. God does discipline those he loves. I have often been drawn back to my knees by tsunamis that God allowed to happen to me. The wise person does not question, “why?” He presumes it is because he is the target of Satan. His hatred rages when we draw close to God. His fury is only outdone by the gentle love of God.


    • There are different types of “why” questions and I think some are very worth asking. King David felt the same way. That doesn’t mean we will necessarily get the answers in this life. But the “question of evil” should not be shelved just because we have not found a satisfactory answer. Sometimes it is in the asking and wrestling that we experience more of Who God is.


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