Fashion Friday: how did I ever live without these pants?

I am probably almost the furthest one can get from being a fashionista. I do own clothes purchased in normal retail stores during this decade, even this year, and I have been known — on occasion — to clean up fairly well and don an outfit that was actually stylish. But for the most part, I’m oblivious to style trends, and dress mostly in what I prefer to wear. Oh, and I don’t dress age-appropriately.

Once in awhile, I’ll read a fashion/style article, and discover some Awful Truth, such as my tragic answers to screaming headlines such as:

  • Are You Stuck in a Fashion Rut?
  • Do You Wear Clothes From the Last Decade?
  • Do You Still Dress Like You Did in College?

The answers are apparently so, yes, and even worse, I still dress like I did when I was in junior high…

So this is the worst place to come for actual fashion advice.

That having been said, I just have to tell you about a pair of pants I got recently. I’ve been on a several-year quest for the perfect hiking pants, only to discover:

    • Hiking pants are ridiculously expensive.
    • Either I have large thighs (which I do) or women hikers all have thin thighs or the fashion trend in hiking pants is to be tight to the point of impracticality.
    • Too many hiking pants are made of techie fabrics I find hot and uncomfortable.

Then I discovered backpacking cargo pants by a company named Molecule:


These are so roomy, practical, and comfy that I am tempted to have them replace jeans as my wardrobe staple…but that might be venturing too far into fashion no-no land even for me.

What guilty pleasures lurk in your wardrobe?

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