Reformed Churches and Abuse Victims: A Researcher Wants to Hear from You

A Cry For Justice

Dr. Valerie Hobbs has contacted us in regard to research she is doing on how abuse victims and abuse cases are being handled in Reformed churches. We agreed to post her request here. Tell your story to her (email her directly, don’t post it here). Perhaps her research will be another avenue of exposing what is happening, good or bad.

“I am a Christian academic (linguist), living in England and working at the University of Sheffield ( I grew up in a Presbyterian church whose leaders held to a very narrow view of divorce and of women’s roles in society, an experience which formed the foundations for a lifelong interest in how women are represented, pastored, and talked/written about in the Reformed Christian church.

My research has taken a direction towards analyzing the language used
in cases of Reformed Christian church discipline involving women where the issues of…

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